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Primary Colours is a new six-level primary course specifically written for schools throughout the Middle East. The underlying syllabus and pace at each level has been designed and tailored for schools with approximately three to four lessons of English per week. It provides enough material for a minimum of 20 teaching weeks and completing the course within the academic year is fully achievable. Progression through Primary Colours is gentle and systematic, ensuring thorough coverage and reinforcement of the basic skills. Grammatical and lexical items are carefully graded in their introduction so as to avoid overwhelming the learners and to help establish a sense of achievement. Simple phonics and the development of whole word recognition provide the pupils with the basis to become competent and confident readers of English. Handwriting is carefully prepared through pre-writing exercises, basic English handwriting movements, practice of letter shapes and whole words. Topics throughout the levels encourage children to think about the world around them and at higher levels are linked to other subject areas in the school curriculum. Activities and exercises have been written with an awareness of children's interests and preferences in addition to an understanding of and sensitivity to their cultural and religious background. The course takes into account the conditions of classroom from the teachers' perspective. Activities have been designed with options that can be followed according to class size, arrangement of pupils and the resources available. The Teacher's Book provides detailed notes and suggestions for every lesson of the Pupil's Book and Workbook. Step-by-step instructions ensure that all exercises and activities can be successfully completed no matter what level of experience the teacher might bring to the classroom.

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